Kristi Vloedman, LMBT, CNRT-M
Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist


Greetings and Welcome!

Everyone has a story of "how things came to be the way they are" and I would like to share mine with you.

Many are surprised to learn that I studied at the University of Oklahoma's College of Architecture, in the Architectural Interiors and Photography Departments.  Not long out of school I was offered a position as a designer and project manager with an international restaurant chain.  Being young and fearless, I jumped at the chance to get paid to see the world.  For nearly 10 years I traveled to some of the most famous cities around the globe.  It was fun and exciting, but there was the downside ~ deadlines, budgets, staffing challenges, construction noise and filth, jet lag, living out of a suitcase for weeks on end...Stress and fatigue were taking their toll.

It was while on a 4 week job in Hong Kong that I discovered massage.  I just wanted to get the kinks worked out after a long flight.  I found it helpful and continued with regular sessions.  As time passed, I realized that I was actually feeling healthier, both emotionally and physically.  I had more energy.  My immune system certainly seemed stronger.  Even my coping skills had significantly improved.

My lifestyle hadn't changed, but there had been a change in me.  It took some self-reflection for me to realize that the single factor that had changed in my world was massage on a regular basis.  In fact, during a particularly difficult project, I actually blurted out the words: "I missed my calling...I should have been a Massage Therapist."  My "AH-HA" moment!

Two years later, I worked up the courage to walk away from a successful career.  It may seem like a strange leap from buildings to bodywork, but for me it felt effortless.  I am able to incorporate my training and experience in design and photography, along with my keen eye for square and level within my massage practice.  I see the body as structure.  The muscles perform mechanically much like pulleys and levers. This  translates to quickly being able to identify imbalances within the musculoskeletal system.

I have been fortunate over the past 19 years to have built and maintained my practice based solely upon personal and professional referrals.  It is important to me that anyone seeking a massage with me understands that my work is corrective and often deep.  I like to fix things and solve mysteries.

The purpose of this website is to reach out and educate potential clients about my practice to see if we are a good fit. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Be Well!

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